1001111 Alberta Ltd. There are only 10 kinds of people in the world-- Those who understand binary, and those who don't." [rec.humor.funny]

Service Offerings
1001111 Alberta Ltd is a small IT Systems Consultancy offering Database, System Administration and Network design and management services including 24 hour on call support.

Oracle Scripts
Stand Alone Oracle Tuning scripts: The following are two scripts that provide insight into the current level of performance in an oracle database. The great advantage of these scripts is that no objects are created in the SYS or SYSTEM schemas. All calculations are done through inline views and anonymous blocks of PL/SQL.
Short Version Long Version
Oracle Hot Backup Script: This script performs online Oracle hot backups and is usually run as a cronjob. The script runs under the Bourne shell and will function properly in any/all UNIX systems (Tested on SUN/HP/AIX/LINUX). The script is very simple yet comprehensive. Actions taken are:
  • switch archive log
  • for each tablespace
    • start backup mode
    • compress or copy datafiles
    • end backup mode
  • switch archive log
  • copy controlfiles
  • create ASCII text controlfile
  • copy init.ora for the database from $ORACLE_HOME/dbs
  • copy all *.ora from $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin

While backups are done to disk, the original incarnations used tar to dump to tape. Since much of the complexity of backup scripts is due to tape handling requirements new disk hardware has made it feasible to dump databases to a single large disk or array and let the operating system or the backup software deal with tape handling complexity. Extremely useful for mirroring or silvering large arrays.
Oracle Hot Backup Script Hot Backup Environment File

Past Contributions

Designed the backend for Acculogs a 4 terabyte dataset of Western Canadian well log files.
Designed and implemented Oracle Parallel Server on IBM RS6000 HACMP clusters located in Santa Clara, California for Bartertrust.

Ancient History

GRIP, a realtime oilwell drilling rig monitor. Written in "C" on MS Windows GRIP used a local MS Access database while in the field and could download the data to any ODBC compliant interface (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, SQL Server) in the office.
Softcore, a geological language interpreter which produces graphical striplogs from geological rock or section descriptions.

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